The Royal Order of Chords and Keys (R.O.C.K.)


You are #welcometorock with us. Earth is #welcometorock with us. Space is #welcometorock with us. Album 1, we went #punkrockonesock and sang some songs about cats, cookies/milk, pizza and crabbiness. Album 2, @rock_aric says it's #rad2BAdad in his epic homage to parents, complete with: kazoo solos, Casio-playing turkeys, Cookies & Milk 2.0 (Sweet Martha Edition), fave foods, fave ice creams, and more!!! So...


1) Grab your tennis rackets and sweatbands (wrist and head).

2) Wear a corduroy jacket (preferably brown), or any other awesomely drab coat (think professor...).

3) Wear white sneakers (specifically tennis shoes, especially in MN where we play Duck Duck GRAYDUCK!!!).

4) Bring a list of your fave foods (either a mental list, or on construction paper with crayon).

5) Bring all of these things to a R.O.C.K. SHOW NEAR YOU!!! #welcometorock #tennisracketguitarsolo #rad2BAdad


#rad2BAdad, the new album by The Royal Order of Chords and Keys (R.O.C.K.) - coming soon to a family near you!!!